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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Requires a EPC

When Selling Your Property

The government passed legislation that states anyone wishing to sell their property must have ordered or possess an EPC when the property goes on the market. Your estate agent is required to upload this EPC within 28 days of the sale’s commencement date. There is currently no minimum EPC rating required for the sale of a property, unlike if you intend to rent the property. An EPC is required for the transaction to be completed when selling - therefore this includes transferring a property from a pension fund or passing property to your relatives etc.

When Renting Your Property

If you wish to rent or lease your property you, as the landlord, must ensure that an EPC is available for any potential tenant to look at. As of April 2018, it is unlawful to let a property in the UK with an EPC rating below an 'E' (unless an appropriate exemption is registered). Where the landlord has failed to comply with the Compliance Notice this could lead to a fine up to £5,000 and/or a Publication Penalty. The legislation, Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) can have a major impact on your property portfolio

How is an EPC Inspection carried out?

To conduct a standard residential EPC we must attend the property in question - they cannot be done remotely.  The EPC assessor will have to access all rooms – and the loft if possible. You won’t be expected to lift any floorboards or carpets though; it’s designed to be a brief, non-intrusive assessment of your home and completed in under 40 minutes. Therefore, if you have any measures that we will not be able to see whilst at the property, such as: Suspended Floor Insulation, Wall (Cavity or External) Insulation, Loft Insulation or otherwise - We will require evidence of these for them to be included in our assessment. If the evidence is not provided, the software will make assumptions based on the age and construction of the property, which is estimated whilst on site. The assessor will need to take plenty of photos for the data submission and also measurements for the rooms - though this does not equate to a marketing floorplan (these can be ordered sepoarately).

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